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Technology, function and precision integrated into some of the most advanced micro machines on the market today; crafted in the USA with the highest degree of workmanship.

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From Start to Part

From Start to Part™

SmalTec is more than just machines. We are innovators in micro. Macro and micro are uniquely different. Bring us your micro design challenges and let us show you how can we can take you From Start to Part™.

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When you're ready to work with a partner who listens and understands your unique needs and can help you achieve success, then you're ready to talk to us.

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What We Have Made

SmalTec is more than just a service and machine provider; we look at things differently. We understand our customers’ challenges and strive to become a trusted partner in their businesses.  Be a part of this flourishing group.

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You Can Make It

SmalTec’s proprietary offering includes the EM203 Multi-Process Micro Machine and the GM703 Nano-Motion Micro-EDM machines, all crafted in the USA. We have developed the world’s smallest and fastest spark to lead the next generation of micro-machining innovation. Let’s lean forward together.

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From Start to Part™

When your biggest problems are your smallest features, we can help. As miniaturization continues to dominate every industry, the world of small parts is growing — and manufacturers must adapt. Bring us your design challenge and let us take you from Start to Part.™

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Let’s Talk

Whether you have a one-off need for a part or you’re adding micro-EDM machining to your own capabilities, let SmalTec’s technology be the answer for you. We invite you to challenge us with your application.

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