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SmalTec is proud to provide the best in class micro technology, not only for the micro-machining of today but also the future of the industry. Working with Fortune 100 companies and America’s top R&D facilities for many years, we have evolved our business to become a true provider of cutting edge 3D micro-EDM and micro-Machining systems and solutions, expanding our offering to include proprietary micro-Technology equipment and services. SmalTec is the exclusive manufacturer of the EM203 Micro-EDM and the GM703 Nano-Grinding machines. Our team has developed the world’s smallest spark to lead the next generation of micro-machining innovation.

At SmalTec International, we micro-machine in four axis of coordinated motion: X, Y, Z, and A. Having this capability allows us to perform complex geometric contours and shapes with true CNC movement. This is the SmalTec difference.

The EM203 Multi-Process Micro Machine and the GM703 Nano-Motion Micro-EDM offer the only true micro-scale machining and 3D shaping and contouring in the industry. Both models feature 3D CNC software controls (standard G-code), PCD grinding capability, WEDG on-machine tool making, CAD/CAM utilization, patented EFM inspection, and automatic part location/detection on-machine to deliver one cohesive system exceeding all of today’s small technology demands. We proudly manufacture our equipment in the USA to exact customer specifications to ensure the accuracy and quality we stand behind every day.

We continuously work to adapt and advance our technology based on new challenges our customers present to us. Recent EM203 Multi-Process Micro Machine and GM703 Nano-Process Micro EDM improvements include:

  • Tool change over utilizing System 3R holders
  • Workpiece exchange utilizing System 3R holders
  • A-Axis rotation for work piece with over 1 million positions per revolution
  • All axes of coordinated motion during the machining process
  • HHS (High Speed Spindle) 80,000 RPM for hard milling and drilling
  • EFM (Electrical Flux Measurement) Micro Probe Systemtm for high precision metrology
  • Adaptive Programming for basic Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability

EM203 Multi-Process Micro Machine and GM703 Nano-Motion Micro-EDM Features:


Patented tool holder and spindle allow for quick tool removal, inspection, storage, and high-precision placement. The mandrel shapes and stores custom tools prior to production.

Cuts conductive materials including stainless steel, gold, brass, nitinol, copper, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, rhenium, tantalum, platinum, Silicon and more to true 3D contoured shapes with ultra-high precision and removes tool run out, also removes burrs after HSS micro-machining with a SmalTec patented process. Creates perfectly round holes as small as 3µm diameter while achieving a surface roughness of less than 40nm Ra.

Patented wire support using a brass wire with a diameter control of <1µm used for shaping custom tools with high aspect ratios to 100% and beyond.

Now available on all machines, our patented Electric Flux Measurement (EFM) Micro Probe Systemtm combines traditional CMM-style methodology and approach with the ability to sense the proximity of a surface before coming in contact with it. The result is a completely non-destructive measurement process for micro features with surface finishes at or below 10nm Ra and aspect ratios of 55:1 using a 25µm diameter probe.

NC Control
Standard G and M code programming capabilities, CAM generated tool path compatible. Operator interface is easy to learn and use.

Instrumental for viewing during process and for rough alignment of workpiece and tool.

Enables optical alignment of the workpiece and post-process measurement to easily conduct set-ups and verify process results.

Adaptable to Dielectric or DiWater fluid processing for flooded, flushed, or flow. Enables benefits of either fluid for faster cutting, feature definition, and improved tool life.

High-Speed Spindle
Now available on all machines, achieves spindle speeds up to 80,000 rpm and creates 3D micro-geometries quickly and accurately while utilizing readily available tooling found in the marketplace. Can cut through an abundance of materials including stainless steel, gold, brass, nitinol, copper, tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium, tantalum, glass, platinum, ceramics, and hard plastics.

Adaptive Programming
Now available on all machines, for basic Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability. This allows the machine to adapt the machining speed relative to the real-time process conditions and thereby optimizing and improving the production time.

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