What We Have Made

At SmalTec, we are driving the future of small technology and innovation. We work with customers spanning a broad range of industries to provide turnkey micro-technology solutions for their products. From the very first design concept to the final production run, we help customers through every step of the process. Our team provides guidance and support throughout all design and engineering stages, including process development, to create a prototype and proof of its concept and design. To get more insight to how we do this, click here.

The following list of products is a sampling of how we’ve used micro-edm, nano-grinding, micro-milling, micro-turning, and micro-drilling to go From Start to Part™. Challenge us with your application!

  • Micro-molding (medical tools, micro lens, micro fluidics)
  • Precision stamping
  • Precision punching
  • Inkjet nozzle plates
  • Diesel fuel injector plates
  • SEM/FIB aperture disks
  • Waveguide channels
  • Fiber extrusion dies
  • Micro wire guides
  • AFM probe components
  • Micro springs
  • Micro cooling fins
  • Display products
  • Custom spray heads
  • Micro pins
  • Micro stress gauges
  • Water jet orifice disks
  • Alignment targets
  • Spray nozzles
  • Satellite apertures
  • Medical devices and tools
  • Apertures of all shapes and sizes

As miniaturization flourishes in nearly every industry, the world of small parts is growing larger and larger. To truly understand the SmalTec difference, we invite you to send us your unique challenge. Our team will work with you until your exact specifications have been achieved. Your success is our ultimate goal.

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